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05th Jun 2023

Dog goes viral after refusing to walk past pub without going in

By Jack Peat

He could have just exposed her other half’s walking route!

A dog in the UK has become a viral sensation after it dramatically refused to walk past a pub in Exeter without going in it.

Kate Torney was out walking her pup Grenson when he stopped outside the sports pub The Stand Off in Exeter city centre and refused to move.

The Airedale terrier, seemingly smelling the sweet aromas from within, kept flinging himself to the floor outside the pub, continually refusing to shift.

It was only when he was almost carried off that she managed to get him to move.

The two-minute clip went viral on TikTok, turning Grenson into an overnight superstar.

Accusations that the dog could have exposed Kate’s other half’s walking route have also been circulating.

She reckons that he was enticed in by ‘a lot of good smells’, but others weren’t so sure.

One person said: “That dog is like ‘dad always takes me for a pint’.”

While another said: “So now we all know when your other half says they’re going for a long walk, this is the real destination.”

A third joked: “If he stops at the betting shop there will be hell to pay for the other half.”

As for Kate, she said: “He’s never actually been inside that pub – to my knowledge.

“If my husband was taking him to the pub secretly – that’d be quite funny if that was the case, but no.”

The video was such a hit that the dog has since been invited back by the pub for a meal of his choosing – in a post on Instagram, they said “As a thank you for loving our bar and having A STAND OFF with your owner outside THE STAND OFF… we would like to cook you a slap up DOG’S DINNER of your choice (steak, chops, sausages, whatever is his favourite!). Please get in touch. Obviously we will also offer the owner dinner on us as well!”


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