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08th Sep 2023

Inside Disney’s magical new cruise ship which sets sail next year

This is all of my childhood dreams coming together at once.

The happiest place on earth plans to set sail across the ocean as the Disney Treasure, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, will begin its voyage next year.

The cruise will sail for seven nights across the Eastern and Western  Caribbean on a range of dates starting in December 2024 and running until June 2025.

Families who are hoping to climb aboard the Disney Treasure next year will be able to enjoy a place where the essence of adventure meets the daring tales of the beloved classic Disney films and Disney park attractions.

With a range of themed dining, from Plaza de Coco to Worlds of Marvel, holidaymakers will be seated with some of their Disney heroes at dinner time.

On board the trip of a lifetime, there will be no shortage of entertainment to keep the kiddies (and parents) amused.

Delving into immersive worlds, both real and imagined, inspired by some of our favourite films and character, there are Broadway-styled live shows, fun-filled water coasters, and so much more.

Musical performances inspired by Beauty and the Beast featuring vibrant costumes, sensational set designs, and heartwarming songs you’ve come to love from the movie, as well as the stage spectacular, that aligns so much with the holiday, Disney Seas the Adventure needs to be on your cruise bucket list.

The showstopper will star Goofy and other beloved Disney and Pixar friends as they journey through uncharted waters, including songs from such films as The Princess and the Frog, Moana, Frozen II, and more.

While this incredible cruise is centered around children, there are a host of adult spaces for parents and guardians to enjoy a well-deserved break.

The Skipper Society is an exotic lounge mirroring the Jungle Cruise attraction with nods to the Nile, Amazon, Congo, and other waterways.

The Palo Steakhouse, Enchanté, and the Nautilus are also top contenders to enjoy a refined culinary experience and some alcoholic drinks.

The exploration doesn’t end there as there is a variety of more ways to enjoy your time on board. These include pools, play zones, the Wonderland Cinema, and a lounge inspired by the Lion King films.

The first seven-night journey of the Caribbean begins in December 2024 departing from ports across North and South America and Canada.

This would truly be the trip of a lifetime.