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12th Jun 2020

Days all blurring into one? Here’s how to get the Friday night feels at home

Brought to you by Momenti Pizza from Dr. Oetker

Treat it like a practice for when the real Friday nights are back on.

We’re in a bit of a limbo at the moment – restrictions are easing up but there’s still nowhere open on a Friday night to be spending time.

So, with Friday really not being much different to the rest of the week (except for bringing that weekend break for those of us working from home), the days are all sort of merging into one. And we think that needs to stop.

It was one thing when we had endless amounts of Fridays stuck at home ahead of us but, now, with things starting to get back to normal, it’s time to start getting back into our groove and properly enjoying our Friday nights, even if we’re still at home for them.

We think there are three main factors necessary for a really good night in. They’re pretty simple but if you leave one of them out, the night sometimes feels a bit of a letdown, like it was missing something – which it was. So here are the three building blocks to make sure that you have a great Friday night at home.

First off – dress up.

Of course, this is optional if you’re absolutely loving your time in tracksuit bottoms and leggings and dreading getting back to the effort of dressing up but, for a lot of us, choosing our Friday outfit and putting on our make-up gets us all hyped up for the night. It puts us in the mood for some fun and socialising and boosts our spirits for the weekend. Everything that a Friday night should do.

Second – make sure you’ve got the right food.

So, our go-to for a Friday night is pizza. Really, you can’t go wrong with pizza. The only issue we’ve been having with it of late though, is that over the last while there’s been only us and no one else to share it with, so we’ve been a bit hesitant buying a whole one for ourselves. Because, tbh, pizza is so good that once it’s in front of us we can’t stop eating it.

Recently, though, Dr. Oetker launched their new Momenti single-serve frozen pizza range, which is pretty much perfect. It’s just the right size for us on our own (plus small enough to fit several in the freezer for whenever we want them) and they’re less than 450 calories. So we can scoff a whole one down completely guilt-free. Delicious.

Third – proper fun time with friends.

We know people have been all about the social movie nights recently and they’re great too but,  honestly, you can watch a movie by yourself. Recently, we’ve been all about those online group games. You have your classic group quiz or, if you want a bit more of a laugh, there are plenty of other options designed for that. You can set yourself up with an online version of Cards Against Humanity or, if you haven’t tried it already, we suggest organising a few rounds of some of the games in They’re always a good time, and extra fun too if you and your mates are having yourself a little Friday night tipple.

There you have it – the three main building blocks to a good night in on a Friday. Simple but effective. If you get those three bits right, it’s only going to go up from there. You’re dressed up, well-fed, and you’ve got good company – we think that will have us pretty happily sorted until the rest of the world gets back on course.

Brought to you by Momenti Pizza from Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker’s new Momenti Pizza is a small, great-tasting frozen pizza. The two flavours – Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto and Salami Calabrase – contain up to 450 calories. They are just the right size for a quick lunch or tasty dinner for one. Available in Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Supervalu and BWG. For information, visit the Dr. Oetker website