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23rd Oct 2017

This daily rabbit-themed Twitter account will change your life

Ah, stop.

Jade Hayden

daily bunny

Who doesn’t love a good rabbit?

No one. That’s who.

And if they don’t, I absolutely do not want to hear about it.

Buns are soft, small, adorable, fun, playful, smart, sweet, and probably just the best thing you could have wandering around the gaff on a cold, Autumn night.

I have a pet rabbit so I am one of the lucky ones.

I get to spend all of my home-time with my little guy, watching as he lays down, eats, moves approximately one metre, and then lays down again.

My rabbit is lazy, but it’s grand.

So if, unlike me, you don’t have a pet rabbit to keep you company at home, apart from adopting one as soon as possible, you should check out the Daily Bunny Twitter account.

It’s basically just the most adorable thing on the internet, really.

True to its name, the Daily Bunny shares a photo of a bunny daily.

And it does not disappoint.

This is today’s daily bunny.

It’s doing what is, in the rabbit community, known as “loafing.”

This is yesterday’s bunny.

This bunny is super chilled out.

And so on…

The Daily Bunny has been running for years and years, and thank god, because where else would lay people go to get their bunny fix if not for Twitter dot com?

They even have a website where you can check out all of the archived buns too.


So if you’re feeling low or you just want a bit of extra rabbit-based excitement in your life, give the Daily Bunny a look.

You won’t regret it.

Images via the Daily Bunny.