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19th Nov 2019

‘Cushioning’… another dating trend some people will sadly relate to

We're sure this has happened to many across the country

Olivia Hayes

Another day, another dating trend.

This time, ‘cushioning’ is taking centre stage… and it’s pretty awful. Why? Because it’s basically cheating on someone.

As outlined by, ‘cushioning’ is when you’re in a relationship, but one person feels the need to have someone else to fall back on. Their cushion, if you will.

Man and Woman Sitting on Sidewalk

So basically, the person will talk, text, flirt, hang out with and even go so far as to hook up with another person, just in case their current relationship ends.

Dr Jennifer Rhodes, a relationship expert, told “Quite frankly, it makes me sad that people have such trouble with emotional intimacy and talking about feeling scared with the person you are dating.

“You can’t really fall in love unless you are ready to get hurt. Cushioning is for people who are not ready for real love.”

Has it ever happened to you before?