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11th Aug 2017

Cork farmer sends cattle to sanctuary to avoid slaughterhouse

Sharon Shannon visited the cattle.

Tony Cuddihy

He’s the Oskar Schindler of the cattle world.

A farmer in County Cork has sent his dairy herd to an animal sanctuary in the United Kingdom rather than see the cattle slaughtered.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary will now take the cattle, who will live out their lives naturally rather than being butchered. It is the first dairy herd to leave a farmyard in Ireland to retire to a sanctuary.

Musician Sharon Shannon recently visited the farmer – who wishes to remain anonymous – after she learned of his ‘noble and admirable decision’.

She pointed out that:

“These beautiful animals will now go to a sanctuary instead of being sold for slaughter or becoming victims of live export. This is an awakening example of how compassion and kindness has won over in a world full of greed.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to transport and provide health checks for more herds to travel to the sanctuary in the UK.

“How could I send them to slaughter when there is this option for them?” asked the farmer.

“After all these years, they deserve more from me and they are very bonded as a herd. I can retire with peace of mind now, knowing they will live out their days together.”