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15th Jul 2021

Company hiring someone to play with puppies all day in UK

Ellen Fitzpatrick

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Have you ever read a job description that you’re so well suited for you are just stunned? This was us reading this one.

A company in the UK is looking to hire someone to play with puppies all day long and you’ll get £24,000 a year for the role.

An online retailer that sells personalised items for dogs, cats and their owners,, has put out the job spec and seeking someone for the dream role.

Looking for what they’re calling a Chief Puppy Officer for their Manchester office, and want all puppies to experience the best day ever.

There’s really not more that you could want from this job, nine to five, and for what you’re doing, the pay isn’t terrible.

Your responsibilities would include taking charge and entertaining the little balls of fluff while their owners are away and busy working on the products for the website.

The application form says another key responsibility, other than keeping the puppies entertained, is to ensure that they are being petted and tickled endlessly, this is obviously a very important task.

The lucky person who gets this job, and the person we’ll be always jealous of, will also need to do a little admin work, carrying out market research to help provide written feedback for to create and improve on their products.

The candidate will also need to be highly experienced in handling dogs and able to understand their needs, being an “expert” in tummy tickling is also something important to the brand.

The lucky candidate’s final responsibility is to also chaperone each dog to their photoshoots on time and make sure they always look perfect, but we can’t imagine they ever look anything less than perfect.

If you think you’re fit for the role, you can apply here.