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30th Aug 2017

You can now pay to speed up the matching process on Tinder

Would you pay for it?

Olivia Hayes

'Fishing' is the latest dating trend and it's probably been done to you

Tinder Gold.

If you’re sick of endlessly swiping through Tinder to find a match, then it has heard your pleas… but, you’re going to have to pay for it.

The matchmaking service announced earlier this year that it would be rolling out some new features to speed up the process by telling you who has already swiped right for you.

The new feature, called Tinder Gold, will also have a new ‘Likes’ screen which allows you to look at profiles in detail before you make a decision.

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To further that, when you’re going through those profiles, a gold heart will pop up to let you know that that person has already swiped right for you.

Tinder Gold also lets you give out five ‘Super Likes’ a day, has unlimited regular likes, one ‘Boost’ per month, and also a ‘Rewind’ feature which lets you go back to old profiles that you regret swiping left on.

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The cost of new matchmaking service will be around €6 per month, however if you’re hesitant to buy it, the company claims that users receive 60 percent more likes than if they’re using the regular app.

You never know, love could be right around the corner (…for €6).