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31st Dec 2017

You can now get a job as a real-life mermaid, but there’s one big downside

Ehh... no

Mermaids were a major hit in 2017.

With everything from mermaid blankets to mermaid lattes, it seems like the mystical creatures were everywhere.

We have to say that we’ve loved them ever since we first laid eyes on The Little Mermaid, but now it seems like you can actually be one in real life.

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Spring Hill, Florida is holding auditions for its “live mermaid attraction” on January 13.

According to Tampa Bay Times, the park anticipates around 50 people will audition for the role, however, they’ll have to go through a lot to get it.

First of all, the hopefuls will have to complete a “timed, 300-yard endurance swim” that will have them going with and against the water.

When they finish that, they will then have to tread water for 10-15 minutes.

Finally, the maybe-mermaids will have to perform a few moves from the dance routines that will be featured in the live-action show.

Oh, and we forgot to mention they will also have to do the usual in-office face-to-face interview.

The starting salary is $10/hour (€8.33/h), and you must be able to work a minimum four days a week.

Performances are held 365-days-a-year in a 400-seat auditorium.

Em, we don’t think we fancy being a mermaid anymore…