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22nd Mar 2017

You can now get your hands on an official Buckfast Easter egg

Conor Heneghan

In the words of Ron Burgundy: Sweet Lincoln’s mullet!

It being about a month away until Easter Sunday, we’re sure some of you are beginning to struggle with your pledge to give up chocolate for Lent.

We’re equally sure that there’s probably a small minority of people out there struggling just as badly with a commitment to giving up Buckfast for Lent and the sight of a new Easter egg might just break the more weak-willed members of both groups.

D-Bees off licence in Lurgan, Armagh have created a Buckfast Easter egg. You heard us, a Buckfast Easter egg.

You probably have an idea in your heads about a Buckfast-flavoured Easter egg, but in what is probably a better development. The folks at D-Bees have merely packaged a milk chocolate Easter egg in the same box as a small bottle of Buckfast along with a Buckfast pen and lighter for good measure.

Released well in time for Easter, the egg offers customers the perfect Easter gift for the chocolate-loving Buckfast enthusiast in their lives and just the pick-me-up Buckfast lovers will need after seeing 58 bottles meet an untimely death in the Buckfast capital of Ireland, Galway, last week.

Easter Sunday just can’t come quickly enough.