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29th Sep 2017

Bride refused to cover her 10cm facial birthmark for a great reason

She looked incredible.

Ferrin Roy was once a bride-to-be.

She is also a mental health counsellor, author, and all-around class human being.

Oh, and she was born with a 10cm birthmark on her face.

In the past, Ferrin says she has experienced bullying and harsh criticism for the way her face looks.

She’s been told to cover her birthmark up, she’s been stared at, and she’s been asked whether or not it would be okay to touch her face.

Ferrin has also written a book about her experience called The Mark She Kept. 

In it, she details the reasons for wanting to keep her face exactly the way it is… and why she was proud to look the way she did on her wedding day.

Ferrin told the Daily Mail that her birthmark does not affect her confidence.

“My smile is radiant and no one can put a dampener on my smile, enthusiasm or confidence.

“I completely embrace my birthmark. I never covered it and never will, I love answering questions about it and I just feel so good.”

The Louisiana mum-of-two also said that she didn’t even realise she had a birthmark until people started pointing it out to her.

“I didn’t recognise stares until I was outside of home and school. Some people would squint their eyes, ask if it was paint, inquired about removal and also several people have asked to touch it.”

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Ferrin says that her birthmark is part of her, and that she wouldn’t want to change the way she looks for anyone.

Fair play, Ferrin.