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15th Apr 2018

This baby-faced male model’s real age has us all SHOOK

He's old enough to be our dad.

Orlaith Condon

What anti-aging cream is this guy using?

Former pop-star, Chuando Tan is now somewhat of a social media celebrity thanks to his youthful look.

Sharing pictures of his impeccable six pack, worldwide adventures and latest purchases, you’d be forgiven for thinking this Singaporean was in his 20s.

You know the drill, this is where we tell you that we’re all way off and he’s actually much older than he looks.

Chuando is actually enjoying the early years of his sixth decade on this earth – yep, he’s 50 years old.

Take a minute to let that sink in.

The age-defying star says that his regular workouts and bathing habits contribute to his youthful glow.

Saying he never bathes early in the morning or late at night, the male model claims these are his only secrets.

However, there’s no way some seriously impressive genetics aren’t playing a role.