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13th Feb 2019

This is the average age couples in Ireland are getting married at

The age is rising.

Denise Curtin

The stats are in.

It looks like the age of tying the knot is seriously on the rise. Once the norm, getting married at 23 or 24 years old is now pretty scarce, as we are seeing a massive rise in “older” brides and “older” grooms.

The statistics from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) are here and in Ireland, it shows that the average man is 36.1 years old when getting married, while the average woman is 34.1 years old. Both these figures are up since the previous year.

In terms of same-sex marriage, the age is even higher. According to the CSO, both men and women entering into same-sex marriages averaged between 40.1 – 40.3 years old.

Just over half of all opposite-sex couples were Roman Catholic ceremonies at 58.2 percent, while one quarter chose a civil ceremony.

Last year it also revealed that July and August were the most popular months to hold wedding ceremonies for opposite-sex couples, while it was the month of September for same-sex couples.

Overall, there were 22,021 marriages in Ireland in 2017 – including 759 same-sex marriages.