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09th Apr 2014

Au Revoir! French Tech Sector Introduces Email Ban After 6pm

It's all about the work/life balance.


There is nothing more annoying than having a relaxing evening ruined by a slew of work messages but one industry in France has taken a bold step to put an end to extra-curricular emails.

According to Silicon Republic, a union representing the French tech sector complained that its members were being bombarded with work emails during what was supposed to be their time off. This contravenes a strict law in the country that companies must maintain a strict 35 working week and the union has now requested that the 1m employees it represents avoid responding or looking at any digital methods of communication sent to them after the 6pm deadline.

However, it is predicted that the move could cause major issues for companies such as Google and Facebook as the time difference between France and California is nine hours, which means all email from California will have to occur no later than 9am.