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09th Dec 2022

Here’s an early look at the huge range of arts & crafts toys coming to Lidl this month

Brought to you by Lidl

Give the gift of a new hobby this Christmas.

Every parent knows that some Christmas toys don’t stand the test of time.

Some toys provide a few short hours of entertainment on Christmas morning, only for the novelty to wear off soon after the festivities end.

With that in mind, we’re always on the lookout for gifts with a long-term appeal, helping to keep kids occupied long after the festivities end.

A safe bet is a gift that kickstarts a new and exciting hobby, leading to hours of entertainment beyond Christmas day. Thankfully, Lidl has a load of arts & crafts items and some science toys landing in stores over the next few weeks, the perfect gifts for any creative kiddies in your life.

The full range will drop in stores nationwide on two separate dates; On Monday 12 December, a selection of exciting science toys and games go on sale and on Monday 19 December, you can browse loads of fun arts & crafts options.

For little scientists, the range includes telescopes, science kits and more exciting toys to get them thinking about the world around us. Meanwhile, aspiring artists can get creative with a huge selection of art sets and craft kits, the perfect way to encourage a new hobby for 2023.

As always with Lidl, the new range is top-quality but still really affordable, taking away some of the stress parents are feeling in the lead-up to Christmas.

With all of that in mind, here’s an early peek at some of the range…

From Monday 12 December…

Skylux 60/700 Refractor Telescope – €99.99

Includes height-adjusta-ble tripod with Smartphone holder.

Illuminated Globe – €16.99

National Geographic Tele-scope & Microscope Set – €54.99

Kids’ Science Kit – €6.99 each

Assortment item.

Candy Grabber Machine – €24.99

Kids Game Assortment – €12.99

Assortment item.

From Monday 19 December…

BIC Stationery (24 piece set) – €3.99 each

Assortment item.

Craft Set – €9.99 each

Assortment item. 

Art Set – €44.99

Colouring Jigsaw Puzzle – €3.99 each

Assortment item.

Kids’ Activity Book – €3.99 each

Assortment item.

Artists’ Painting & Drawing Box – €7.99 each

Assortment item.

Browse Lidl’s full range of art and science toys right here

Brought to you by Lidl