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20th Oct 2015

Are You The First-Born Child In Your Family? You’ll Definitely Want To Read This!

All of us younger children out there would like to dispute this.


All of us younger (and cooler) children out there would like to dispute this. 

My sister will be only delighted with this!

The first-born child in the family is reportedly that bit smarter than their younger siblings according to new research this week.

Please everyone, note the word ‘reportedly’, for the sake of the youngest member of the family.


The study shows that the eldest child often gets a boost of intelligence due to the fact that they have to teach their younger brothers and sisters.

The report by scientists at the Leipzig University also suggests that the first-born has the edge as they get their parents’ undivided attention at the start.


In fact, a 1.5 drop in IQ levels is estimated to happen per sibling, though if there are only two children in a family, this isn’t always the case.