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19th Sep 2019

‘Modern life’ is stopping women from having a sex life

Some get migraines... some get pelvic pain.

Olivia Hayes

Has your sex life stopped?

Apparently, increasing amounts of women have stopped having sex because of stress.

According to the Daily Mail, women have to seek out physiotherapy to cure stress-related muscle pain in their pelvis, which stops them having fun in the bedroom.

It claims that the pressure of modern life is getting to women, with us having to balance kids, a job, ageing parents and a social life.

Physiotherapist, Katie Mann, said that while some people get stress headaches, or muscle pain, many women “store stress” in their pelvis.

She told the publication: “Tension can get to any muscle. Some women carry it in their neck and shoulders.

“Others will get migraines or irritable bowel syndrome. Some will find it affecting their pelvic floors.”

And apparently, physiotherapy seems to be the way to cure it…. if you want more intimacy, that is.

She continued: “For many, the physiotherapy saves relationships. It’s not just that making love goes out of the window — intimacy does, too, because women become afraid of having a cuddle in case it’s expected that sex will follow.”

However, if you have any stress-related pain, consult with your own GP to find out the best option for you.


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