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08th Oct 2018

This is apparently why millennials aren’t having much sex as previous generations

Makes a lot of sense.

Anna O'Rourke

It’s been written about, it’s been talked about.

Millennials (people in their twenties and thirties, roughly speaking) are having less sex than previous generations, according to research done last year in the US, and people are concerned.

A UK-based sex therapist has now weighed in on the issue, saying porn is to blame.

“Most guys don’t take long to become aroused or to ejaculate, so the sex in porn is vigorous, aggressive, quick,” Peter Saddington told Glamour.

“In times past, we learned about sex by fumbling.

“Now, he’s seen things that make him feel like he knows what to do. It’s why, on the first time, he expects anal sex

“There’s no slowly working up to things because porn also portrays that women want it fast. Women in porn aren’t saying, ‘ooh, it’s nice if you slow down’ – they encourage the total opposite.”

He also believes that younger people’s mental health struggles are part of the problems.

“For women, depression likely leads to a loss of sexual desire. For men, loss of desire can be there.

“But if he’s withdrawing from everyday life, not wanting to work or feeling angry or upset, he might want to be more sexual because it’s a way of connecting.”