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28th May 2019

There are 5 ‘types’ of tiredness and this is the one that you have

When drinking coffee just won't do...

Olivia Hayes

We’re tired.

We’re always tired. When we first wake up. When we hit a slump in the middle of the day. When we’re on our way home from work.

The only time we’re not tired is when it’s actually bedtime. Then we’re wired.

However, new research has found that there are five different types of tiredness, and there’s no doubt that you experience one or two (or all) of them from time to time.

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According to nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch who spoke to Cosmo Australia, these are the five most common forms of tiredness… but which one do you suffer from?

Energy highs and lows

It’s safe to say we’ve all experienced this form of tiredness from time to time (everyday). If you feel like you’ve hit a slump in the middle of the day and need coffee or sugar to perk you back up – this is the form of tiredness you’re suffering from.

This is your blood sugar going from high to low throughout the day, which can also make you pretty irritable.

Make sure to stock up on protein and carbs, and don’t take too long in between meals either.


Whether you woke up late, missed the bus or simply haven’t been able to run out and get some food into your body, sometimes it is sheer willpower keeping you going throughout the day.

According to the article, this is means your magnesium levels are low, and you’ll need to stock up on leafy greens and whole grains to give yourself a good energy kick.

Magnesium calms your nervous system, regulates your stress responses and supports muscle functions so, it’s safe to say you need it in good doses throughout the day.

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Lack of stamina

If you feel like you’re totally lacking energy, and have zero will to give (not to mention you feel a bit weak), then you could be low in iron.

Iron fuels brain cells, muscles and tissues and can really help you out when Aunt Flo arrives. If you have an iron deficiency, it may leave you feeling very low, and give you heavy periods (and nobody wants that).

To combat this, try eat more red meat than usual, as well as an array of green veg, lentils, nuts and dried fruits.

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No motivation

Sometimes, if you’re down on energy or feeling tired, you lack the motivation to do simple, everyday tasks.

This could be due to a deficiency of vitamin B which can also leave you with poor memory and irritability.

Drinking alcohol can mess with your vitamin B levels, so if you had a weekend full of booze, maybe it’s the reason you’re so tired and irritable today.

Make sure to limit your alcohol intake, while also eating loads of protein from meat, fish and eggs.

Tired and wired

Yep, as we mentioned above, this is when you’re absolutely exhausted, but can’t seem to rest or go to sleep.

As Jackie Lynch states, this could be due to your coffee consumption (booo). Yes, our beloved cups of coffee may be causing more harm than good, and while caffeine no doubt gives us the kick we need, having too much can really mess with our systems.

While sometimes we need a coffee to set us straight, try to reduce the amount you drink or opt for herbal teas or sparkling water instead.

Believe us, your exhausted self will thank you for it.

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