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31st Oct 2017

This amputee has the most creative Halloween costumes going

Jade Hayden


What a guy.

Josh Sundquist is an author, motivational speaker, and the undisputed king of Halloween costumes.

Back when he was a teenager, Josh lost his left leg to cancer.

However since then, he’s used comedy, exercise, and his own personal experiences to overcome his disability and become an inspiration to those he speaks to.

He’s also created some fire Halloween costumes.

Here he is as a flamingo in 2013.

Here he is in 2015 as an IHOP restaurant.

Get it?

Here, he’s dressed a player from a foosball game.

And here, he’s gone as literal Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.


This year, however, Josh has outdone himself.

He’s only gone and dressed up as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

His leg is Tigger’s tail. It’s inspired.

If you click through the video (and trust me, you’ll want to) it shows Josh bouncing around on a trampoline while dressed as everybody’s favourite Tiger-based animated character.

The video also tells the story of Josh’s battle with cancer, detailing that after his amputation, his parents bought him a trampoline to help him balance on one leg.

Josh’s wife Ashley even dressed up as Winnie to join her husband on the trampoline.