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02nd Oct 2019

Aldi adds an Orange and Bitters scent to its luxury collection, and it reminds us of a favourite

Olivia Hayes

We love a few candles in our homes come autumn.

However, candles can be expensive. Any of the high end ones on the market you could be paying more than €50 – and sometimes, we just don’t have it.

Sure, they’re fancy and look great on a night in, but do we really want to spend fifty quid on a candle? We could get our hair done or buy a gorgeous winter coat for that.

If you want that sweet-smelling fragrance running throughout your room but don’t want to splurge on the expensive price tag then Aldi has just released a new candle fragrance that is very similar to one of our favourites.

The store is expanding its hugely popular Luxury Collection of candles, with a brand new limited edition scent, No. 23 Orange & Bitters which will go on sale in all 139 stores from Sunday, October 13.

The new fragrance is made with orange oil, grapefruit and mandarin, with warm, soft woody notes of amber and sandalwood. It comes in at a very good price of €4.99, which, I think, we can all agree is very reasonable.