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21st Dec 2018

Airport issues plea for woman to come pick up her fish

Jade Hayden


An airport have issued a plea for a woman to come pick up her fish.

Cassie the pink betta fish was left at the airport on his own when it became apparently that he wouldn’t be permitted to travel on a Southwest Airlines flight.

The fish’s owner had travelled with her pet before, but was told this time that Cassie would have to stay behind so she boarded the California flight without him.

Denver International Airport have since issued a plea, asking the woman to come pick Cassie up because as much as he enjoyed spending time at the airport, it was time to go home now.

A note next to the fish swimming in his bowl reads:

“Dear mom,

“I’ve been having fun here at Denver International Airport. This place is great! There are lots of fun people.

“The food is delicious and there are tonnes of animals to play with – especially dogs! I’ve even got my Christmas shopping done. Everyone has been really nice to me and has been taking good care of me. But I’m ready to come home.

“Can you please call 303-342-2250 and make arrangements to pick me up?

“Love Cassie.”

While many people thought the note was adorable, others criticised the airport for using the fish as a PR stunt.

They also questioned why airport staff didn’t just contact the woman who left the fish as they would certainly have had her details.

The fish was collected later on that day.