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14th Feb 2018

The age you have the best sex has changed and it’s not good news

Laura Holland


Last year, it was revealed that people have the best sex at the age of 33. Apparently, it’s changed and it’s not what we expected.

It turns out, people now reckon that the age you will have the best sex at is 66. So, basically, not any day soon.

The new figures come from a survey done by, who found that how you are feeling at different ages has an impact on what kind of sex you’re having. They questioned 5,000 singletons ranging in age about their sex life.

They determined that people feel more self-conscious and self-aware during their 20s and 30s that they tend not to enjoy sex as much.

In comparison, people over the age of 60 no longer care about those factors and are inclined to enjoy sex more.

Commenting on the results, sex therapist, Kimberly Resnick Anderson, told Huffington Post:

“As women age, they become more selfish, in a good way: No more worries about getting pregnant, no more worries about their kids barging in on them. Plus, many have an increased comfort with their bodies and a healthy sense of entitlement to sexual satisfaction.

Sex at 65 or 70 can feel carefree and easy because it is more about pleasure and connection and less about performance and ‘selling yourself.’”