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11th May 2016

UPDATED: A woman has won the right to wear flat shoes to work

Nicola Thorp was turned away from her temp job in a London office for not wearing high heels. This angered the actress, so she created a petition to protest this archaic rule.

Her story spread like wildfire, and we’re happy to see the company in question has changed their footwear policy.

People power.

Nicola Thorp told the Evening Standard that she was instructed by a supervisor at PwC’s Embankment offices in London that she must come to work every day wearing two to four-inch heels.

The 27-year-old was employed by the reception company Portico as a temp said she was laughed at when she brought up the discriminatory nature of the rule.

She refused to go out and buy a pair of heels and was sent home unpaid.

Ms. Thorp was also told to wear makeup for the role and was given a list of acceptable shades appropriate for the workplace.

She added: “When I pointed out that my male colleague was allowed to work in flat shoes, and that I felt that I was being discriminated against, I was laughed at. I left feeling upset and confused.”

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Thorp is also an actress and was working as a temp in between acting jobs.

She has created a petition to make it illegal for women to be made wear heels to work, saying that it should be a woman’s choice whether she want to wear heels or flats; ‘whichever is more comfortable or practical for work.’

A Portico spokeswoman said: “In line with industry standard practice, we have personal appearance guidelines across many of our corporate locations. These policies ensure staff are dressed consistently and include recommendations for appropriate style of footwear for the role.”

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