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18th Dec 2018

A hostile neighbour refuses to ‘bend the knee’ to Game of Thrones inspired Christmas decorations

Amy Nolan

A hostile neighbour refuses to bend the knee to Game of Thrones inspired Christmas decorations

The complainant seemed to think the Christmas decorations weren’t appropriate for the time of year.

The best thing about Christmas decorations is that every house looks different. Some opt for subtle wreaths and other little bits while others go whole hog and don every square inch with inflatable Santas, fake snow and candy canes.

But is there such a thing as being too unique?

According to one Louisiana resident, there certainly is as they felt compelled to pen their neighbour an anonymous note expressing their concerns over the unusual Christmas decorations in their front garden.

In a Facebook post on December 14, Diana Rowland, a writer who lives in Mandeville, Louisiana, shared the anonymous note one of her neighbours left outside her home. The dramatic post has since gone viral online.

Apparently, dragons are only “marginally acceptable” during Halloween and are “totally inappropriate at Christmas”, according to the note’s author.

“It makes your neighbors wonder if you’re in a demonic cult,” they added.

Quite understandably, Diana wasn’t best pleased with the note and couldn’t see where her neighbour was coming from:

“Our dragon holiday display got fan mail! (And apparently the “true meaning of Christmas” involves judgmental bullshit?) I’m also not sure I understand how the dragons are only marginally acceptable at Halloween. I guess they think I need MORE dragons??”


Diana’s Facebook post has gotten over 13k likes and people have been very witty in their responses. One person made reference to Game of Thrones which the three dragons allude to:

“Where’s Daenerys Targaryen when you need her?”

Yep, we just have one word for that now – “Dracarys!”