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26th Dec 2015

7 Reasons Why Being Single at Christmas Rocks

Here's to all the single ladies...


Ah Christmas, the time of the slow, emotional songs, the mistletoe, couples bonding over candlelit meals and…

No wait, that’s not all that it’s good for, in fact being single at Christmas seriously rocks, and here’s why:


Girls Nights

What with Christmas being the festive season and all that, there’s nothing more fun than rounding up the troops and organizing a girls’ night out. All the better if you are single, as some of your best girl buddies are usually A1 wingwomen too.

Legs in Tights

It’s cold, it’s raining and really windy. Not only do you get to wear tights and be all cosy in your boots, but you don’t even have to shave your legs if you don’t want to (though that’s usually the same night you meet the man of your dreams – sod’s law).


Who knows?

The best thing about being single at Christmas is that you just never know what could be around the corner and we don’t just mean a tall, dark and handsome stranger. As the New Year approaches, opportunities abroad, travel plans, new jobs – anything is possible and being single allows you that little bit more freedom to take advantage of these.

New Year’s Eve promise

Hollywood have created this idea of the New Year’s Eve kiss and though we may scoff at it, a lot of us do have a quick scope of the place on the night to see are there any eligible contenders. When that handsome lad catches your eye, you might just land a smacker on him come the strike of midnight.


Just one more

You can eat what you like over Christmas without the fear of someone seeing you naked that night. Winning.


We’ve all been there (be it at Christmas or not) where you’ve been put in an awkward family situation with the boy in your life. At least if you are single at Christmas there’s none of those awkward moments with his or your family.


Christmas party fun

As nice as it is to have a man on your arm at the Christmas do’ there’s nothing like being single and heading off to chat up your colleague’s hot friend without having to look after anyone else and make sure that they are talking to others.