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14th Mar 2019

5 of the best ways to spend this St Patrick’s day

Anna Daly

St Patrick's

Brought to you by Keogh’s.

Best day of the year.

A whole day to celebrate being Irish AND you get a day off work/school/college. Plus, winter is well over, spring is officially here, and we’re looking forward to summer.

Really, it’s just an entire day of fun and goodness. And to make absolutely sure you enjoy the day as much as possible, we’ve made up a list of five of the best things to get up to on St Patrick’s Day.

1. Grab a pint and some shamrocks

Some people get shamrocks painted on their face on Paddy’s Day, but why not try eating a few instead?

Keogh’s have a simply delicious shamrock and sour cream flavour of crisps that we definitely suggest you try. And this is no sham (geddit?) – the crisps actually include REAL Irish shamrocks, so they are a perfect snack for the day. So perfect, in fact, that you’ll be able to grab a packet of them for free with your first Paddy’s Day pint in Dublin’s top ten pubs. Guinness and shamrocks – can you get more Irish than that really?

2. Check out some of Ireland’s best modern photography

Head on over to the The Library Project in Temple Bar on Paddy’s Day to have a look at some of Ireland’s contemporary photography. There will be works by tons of Irish and Ireland-based photographers, all shown in a street-facing video installation, which will be running 24/7 on St Patrick’s Day. So pop on over to Temple Bar and have a gander!

3. Go see a parade

This is one for all the ages and if you’ve lived in Ireland for more than two years and haven’t seen a parade on Paddy’s Day, what is wrong with you? Sure they can be a bit ridiculous, a bit crowded, and after a few years can lose a bit of their novelty, but experience-wise they’re an absolute must. Honestly, the Paddy’s Day parades are always great craic, especially if you get a good viewing spot (which is harder than you think in Dublin).

There are parades all over the country on St Patrick’s Day so there’s bound to be one happening near you, no matter where you are.

4. Jump on some rides at the funfair

The City at Play Funfair will be on at the Custom House Quay in Dublin over St Patrick’s weekend. There will be plenty of rides to get you dizzy and a wheel to show you the beautiful sights of the city. Sure it’ll only be great craic. The fair itself will be lit up in bright colours so will look amazing on the water. The funfair is on until 8 pm (9 pm on Saturday) so you can leave it a little later if you want to miss the after-parade rush.

5. Walk in the footsteps of St. Patrick

If you feel like something a little on the slower side, there’s a wonderful walking tour around Dublin that will take you on a journey that celebrates our very own patron saint, exploring sites and buildings connected with St Patrick. The walk is led by Dublin historian Pat Liddy and starts at 2:15 pm on Paddy’s Day. Sounds like the perfect thing if you have a few guests over from abroad. They’ll be Irish experts by the end of the day!

There you have it – five of our favourite things to do on Paddy’s Day. If you haven’t already given any of these a go, jot them down on the to-do list.

Brought to you by Keogh’s. 

Keogh’s Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps are hand-cooked and flavoured with real Irish shamrock grown especially for the crisps in Ballinaskellig, Co. Kerry. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Keogh’s has teamed with ten of the top Irish pubs in Dublin to give you a bag of their shamrock crisps with your first pint on the 17th of March. The pubs included are Toners, Hogans, Kehoe’s, Stag’s Head, Devitt’s, Brogan’s Bar, Cassidy’s, Mulligans, O’Donoghues, and The Hairy Lemon.