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03rd Apr 2018

4 MILLION people have watched this Irish girl showing her parents her hickey

The funniest thing you’ll see today.

We all experienced the soul-crushing embarrassment of being caught with a hickey when we were teens. Yes, whatever your method of choice, it was near impossible to keep a “love bite” from view of your friends.

From concealer to that chunky scarf, we tried the lot just to ensure nobody would see it – especially our parents.

Well, one girl who was only too delighted for her parents to see her hickey was Kaitlyn Nolan who shook her parents to the very core when she showed them the mark that was left on her neck.

Two years later, Kaitlyn graciously decided to share the glorious footage with the rest of the world and posted it on Twitter, saying:

“Two years ago I came home with a hickey and my parents’ reaction still gets me every time.”

The 23-second clip is the funniest thing we’ve seen today mostly because it’s far too relatable.

At the time this was written, over 3.5 million people have watched that stunning 23 seconds and it’s climbing by the second.

However, the altogether too short video didn’t give viewers a glimpse at Kaitlyn’s neck, something she is still not willing to share.