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20th Nov 2017

This little girl’s angry letter to Beano writers about sexism is AWESOME

The definition of girl power!

Rory Cashin

“I probably sound like a crazy mad lady but I have my reasons.”

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Beano is something on an institution.

Having published the first issue back in 1938, it is Britain’s longest running children’s comic, and is currently closing in on the 4,000th issue.

Famous characters like Dennis The Menace, Gnasher, The Bash Street Kids and The Numskulls have endured the decades, and more than likely have had to change with the times, too.

However, they have been called out 11-year-old Bea Rutherford, who found that some of the stuff within a recent issue of the comic was more than a little sexist.

Dr. Adam Rutherford, who hosts Inside Science on BBC Radio, shared the letter that his daughter sent to The Beano on Twitter, and you can practically see him beaming with pride through the social media platform.

In a proper class act, the folks at The Beano replied to Dr. Rutherford on Twitter directly, and promised that they would be dealing with the situation going forward.