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24th Aug 2014

You Will Never Use A Sunbed Ever Again After Reading This 32-year-Old Woman’s Story

The self-proclaimed 'tanorexic' has been using sunbeds since she was a teenager.

We’ve all read the warnings about the danger of exposing our skin to too much sunlight and UV rays, however despite the health concerns some people still insist on using solariums/sunbeds to obtain tanned skin.

‘Tanorexi’ is a term coined to describe a condition in which a person participates in excessive use of tanning booths. Blackpool woman, Jo Irving, has battled with the problem first hand.

At the tender age of 14, Jo used a sunbed for the first time and later became hooked.

The 32-year-old developed an UV addiction and at the height of her problem, used a tanning booth 5 times a week, confessing she was “addicted to being brown”.

After years of failing to kick her tanning habit, she now vows never to enter a solarium salon again following a skin cancer diagnosis last year.

Jo first noticed an irregularity on her skin four years ago, when she discovered a ‘pearly white boil’ on the side of her nose, and although lump bled from time-to-time, it caused Jo no real discomfort or concern.

In April 2012, while attending a routine antenatal appointment, Jo queried about the small blemish only to be told to return if she saw any changes.

In March 2013, almost one year later, Jo was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer after test results showed the ‘boil’ was in fact a basal cell carcinoma.

According to The Metro, the Mum underwent surgery to remove the ‘rodent ulcer’, which then followed with a skin graft to repair the damage.


This is the result of Jo’s tanning addiction can be seen in the pretty gruesome pictures above.

The images highlight the different stages of Jo’s ordeal.

Now cancer free Jo has finally ended her toxic addiction to tanning.

Hat-tip: The Metro