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09th Nov 2019

According to new research, women can go a lot longer than men


Olivia Hayes

We knew this already, right?

According to new research, women have longer lasting stamina compared to men.

It has been well known that when it comes to exercise, men, in general, are faster, but when it comes to recovering after exercise, women can do it better.

A new study tested nine women and eight men and saw scientists ask the candidates to flex one foot 200 times, as quickly as they could in succession.

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The research, which was carried out in the University of Columbia, found males to be more powerful and faster, but they became fatigued much quicker than the females.

Even though the study was relatively small, The Independent notes that it backs up previous research.

One author of the study, Professor Brian Dalton, said: “We’ve known for some time that women are less fatigable than men during isometric muscle tests – static exercises where joints don’t move, such as holding a weight – but we wanted to find out if that’s true during more dynamic and practical everyday movements.

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“And the answer is pretty definitive: women can outlast men by a wide margin.”

He further noted that even though the test was only carried out on feet, the research applies to the whole body.

“We know from previous research that for events like ultra-trail running, males may complete them faster but females are considerably less tired by the end.”

There you have it ladies.