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07th May 2019

WellFest is happening this weekend and here’s what to expect

Anna Daly


Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland. 

It’s finally here!

We have been waiting SO long for this and it looks like the weather is starting to look up for it too (woohoo!).

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about or who haven’t bought your tickets yet, we are referring to the fabulous WellFest in association with KBC, which is taking place in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on May 11 and 12 (there are still a few tickets left so go go go!).

After a lot of build up (plus a teensy bit of training and preparation), we are SO ready for this weekend to get here. And for those of you who have got your own tickets to this fab festival, we bet you can’t wait either.

So, just in case you haven’t been researching the two days down to each act, tent, and activity to quite the same extent that we have, we’re going to give you a quick little reminder of what WellFest has in store for us all.

First of all, you will have LOADS of things to choose from. There will be no less than 15 stages dotted around the place, including the KBC Main Stage, KBC WellGood, WellFood, Spinning, WellPilates, WellYoga, WellMind, WellTalk, WellFit, the WellVillage marketplace, the Healing Zone (divine!), and much more. They even have a WellKids stage for the little ones (so cute!).

We’re super excited about the KBC WellGood tent because it’s been expanded this year there are going to be some AMAZING faces up there.

Prepare to get loads of top notch wellbeing hints and tips from performance psychologist Gerry Hussey and best-selling cookery author Roz Purcell, both of whom are KBC WellGood’s ambassadors this year.

Also in the lineup for the KBC WellGood tent is Dublin GAA player and fitness entrepreneur Philly McMahon, yoga, mindfulness, and mediation teacher Lee Tracey, Boogie Bounce instructor Emma Weafer, movement coach and yoga instructor Richie Norton AKA The Strength Temple, founder of The Sculpt Society Megan Roup, and LOADS more. So get ready for some fun activities, some nutrition tips, some snacks, and some wellness help. Because it will all be there.

It’s honestly going to be so jam-packed. You will be simultaneously uplifted, exhausted and relaxed by the end of it (don’t believe us? Just you wait now).

The festival is there to celebrate all things health, fitness, and wellness in a setting just like a music festival and, since its conception, it has been doing just that (and we think they’ve been doing a fantabulous job!). So whether you feel like doing a bit of yoga, getting those legs pumping with some Boogie Bouncing, finding some inner quiet with a bit of mindfulness, or filling yourself up with some delicious food, you’ll be sorted all weekend long.

You can buy a day ticket for €49 or grab the gang and make a weekend out of it for €79 per ticket. Tickets are available on their website and there are just a few left so we suggest you pick some up pronto.

This is a weekend you’d be mad to miss.

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.