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12th Nov 2021

Vicky Phelan to focus on quality of life over “putting body through torture”

Jade Hayden

“I made the decision to stop chemotherapy after my first dose on October 18.”

Vicky Phelan has said that she now wants to focus on her quality of life rather than putting her “body through torture.”

The CervicalCheck campaigner, who returned home to Ireland to receive palliative care some weeks ago, said that she had her second dose of Pembro treatment this week and that she is feeling “very well.”

Vicky said that she made the choice to stop chemo in October, due to the effects it was having on her body.

“My poor Dad, who reads absolutely every single message that comes in, has been getting on to me to put up a post for people to let you all know that I am well,” she began in an Instagram video.

“And so today, I decided that I felt good and it was time to post an update. As you can see from my video update, I am doing really well at the moment. I had my second dose of treatment on Monday (Pembro only) and, apart from feeling tired, I am doing really well.

“I made the decision to stop chemotherapy after my first dose on October 18. I was horrendously ill for almost two full weeks and I decided that I have had enough of putting my body through torture. At this stage, my treatment is palliative anyway. There is nothing else that can be done medically.

“And so, I decided that, for me, quality of life is far more important to me now than quantity of life if the extra time that I might get means that I have to go through hell for 2-3 weeks every month.”

Vicky went on to say that her focus for the next few months will be on her quality of life, being well enough for Christmas, and to spend time with her children.

The campaigner also issued thanks to the staff at the Mid-Western Cancer Centre at University Hospital Limerick, where she is now being treated. “Thank you to Áine, Mairead and porter Christy who really minded me. I really missed that when I was away in America,” she said.

“Finally, a huge big THANK YOU to all of you, my followers, my tribe, for thinking of me, for praying for me, for sending positive energy my way and for worrying about me. I really really appreciate all your messages, comments, cards, gifts, flowers.”