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01st Oct 2019

Turns out, we could all actually be blowing our noses wrong

Having a cold is never nice.

You generally feel shite, all blocked up, stuffy, sneezy… it’s just not good.

Since we were young and our noses were blocked from a cold or flu, we blew them to clear them out. Common practice.

However, it turns out that blowing our noses forcefully could do more harm than good.

While we think we are blowing our noses to get the mucus out, it turns out that our noses could actually be swollen or inflamed, and the blowing could cause major damage.

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GP Lucy Belton told Good Housekeeping : “Blowing your nose hard is not a good idea, as it can irritate the inside of your nose and damage the lining of the nose and sinuses.

“This can cause discomfort and potentially make one more prone to something like sinusitis.”

Dr Michael Kuo, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon for Medstars added: “Tubes connect the nose to the eyes and ears and if you blow too hard, you can end up blowing air down these tubes, causing pain.”

Instead, we should apparently be pressing a finger against one nostril and blow out the other one very gently.