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23rd Aug 2016

Eating healthy all day could have adverse effects on your diet

How to combat the 8pm munchies...


It’s like the curse of the werewolf… 

Your diet has been nothing short of pristine all day – porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch, and you even turned down the office cupcakes.

But when the moon rises so does the inner food monster – logic no longer prevails and whatever you see, you eat.

disgusting gif

However, according to research, we shouldn’t be patting ourselves on the backs for restricting our calories during the day.

In fact, being TOO good during the day could be what is causing you to binge at night.

Speaking to Women’s Health, nutritionist Stephanie Clarke explained: “Not eating enough throughout the day makes your mind and body much more vulnerable to overeating at night”.

“And if you’re freaking starving, you’re more likely to grab the first thing you see—like a bag of chips or a few cookies—and eat quickly.

“When that happens, your body won’t realize it’s full until you’re already overly stuffed.”

cookie monster

But the problem is not just physical, it’s emotional too.

Stephanie added: “At the same time, if you’re constantly trying to avoid certain foods during the day, your mind gets wrapped up in thinking about everything you can’t eat.

“Come nighttime, when you’re decompressing from your job or relationship stresses, those emotionally charged food cravings start to kick in.

“It’s easy to say, ‘I was so good today; I can eat one cookie.’ Then, before you know it, the whole box is empty.”

Sounds familiar alright…