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05th Nov 2016

The latest remedy for period pains is going to make you very happy indeed


That familiar cramping in your stomach.

Periods can be bloody painful, excuse the pun, and that’s why we try every remedy under the sun to try and improve matters.

From hot water bottles to painkillers to chocolate, anything is worth a go to try and lessen the cramping sensations.

Of course, chocolate is by far the most appealing option and that’s why this latest remedy is calling our names.

According to The Local, Women’s Moon is a chocolate that contains 17 types of herbs.

Not so mouthwatering now but bear with me a minute.

Speaking to local paper, 20 Minuten, the brains behind the operation, Marc Winder, said that the combination of ingredients combine to relieve pain.

He also said that Frauenmond, which literally translates to Women’s Moon, has a calming effect on the body due to the presence of serotonin, a chemical that helps to balance mood.

Okay, so it does sound a little far-fetched but it’s been described as a “healthy chocolate” and given that it’s meant to help period pains, we’ll be stocking up.

Chocolate = LIFE.