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25th Nov 2016

Survey reveals the sexual positions women hate most


Ladies, you are not alone.

We’re all in agreement that sex is great, but we’re wise enough to know that not all sex was created equal.  There are certain positions that benefit us ladies, and certain ones that well, just don’t.

A new survey by Women’s Health has revealed that ladies everywhere have been harbouring the same hatred for the same sexual positions.

While some researchers have stated that cowgirl is the best sex position for women to achieve orgasm, the readers of Women’s Heath might disagree because they’ve included a variation of it in their list of the least pleasurable sexual positions.

1,200 women were asked to list their least favourite sex positions and they divulged a hatred of:

  • Doggy Style
  • Woman on top
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Missionary
  • 69

Very interestingly, Doggy Style also tops the poll of the most dangerous position for women.

According to Kristi Latham, Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of physical therapy clinic Beyond Therapy & Wellness, this popular position can lead to a common injury.

She told Yahoo! Health that “a woman’s vagina can actually tear if her partner enters her wrong.”

While this could happen during intercourse in any position, doggy style is one of those where the woman has less control and the angles can be awkward, thus increasing the risk of injury.

More interestingly, the runner-up, girl-on-top was the most dangerous sex position for guys. This is because it is responsible for half of all penile fractures.