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17th Feb 2020

Sorry, what? Apparently, one in 30 people poo in the shower and we’re feeling alarmed

Sweetest divine...

Surely there’s no justification for this.

Taking a wee in the shower is one thing – I’m not saying it’s totally fine but I’m also not saying I’ve never done it, but taking a number two while bathing in the shower should be a criminal offence.

Firstly, where does it go after the deed is done?

How does one do their business while standing in a shower?

And thirdly, why? Dear god, why?

Before this delightful piece of research came to light from QS Supplies, asking over 1,000 people from the UK and US about their toilet habits, I would have believed that nobody took a sh*t in the shower but alas, here we are.

What’s even worse? I know, it gets worse.

The study was looking at people’s habits while using the bathroom at WORK. So people are pooing in their work showers, excuse my French.

Yep, it revealed that one in 30 “defecate” in the shower at work, one in 20 masturbate in the work shower and one in three urinate.

I hope you’re all wearing flip flops.

It also revealed that one in five spit while in the work shower, with one in four blowing their noses.

One in five people also admitted to swerving the shower and just washing their pits and bits in the sink – I mean if we worked with the people above we’d be doing the same thing, while the majority of people admitted to taking a shower (be it at home or at work) four to six times a week.

Well, we now know our next opening question for any potential Tinder matches: “Where do you do your number two?”