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21st Nov 2017

This smart device means you’ll never miss taking your pill again

We're living in the future.

Anna O'Rourke

Anyone else a divil for taking their pill?

We’ve all slipped up at some stage (and possibly had a close call because of it), so anything that’d keep us from forgetting would be very welcome.

Thankfully, we’re living in the future and there’s now a tech solution that’ll ensure you always take your pill.

You might have tried reminders or apps on your phone but new smart device Popit Sense is just next level.

It’s a small tag you can attach to your pill packet that uses a microphone to sense whether you’ve ‘popped’ your daily pill and a touch sensor to tell if the packet has been handled.

If you forget it, the device sends you a reminder to take it via an app on your phone – genius.

According to its creators, the device reduced the amount of missed birth control pills in clinical tests by over 80 per cent.

“In typical use, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy with pills is a staggering 30 times higher than with absolute, perfect use,” claimed Popit co-founder Timo Heikkilä.

“Popit helps in getting birth control pill use closer to where it should be.

“The solution also provides insights and statistics on pill use, making it the perfect sidekick for oral contraceptives.”

Developed in Finland, the product has a recommended retail price of £59 (around €67).

It’s not available just yet, though Popit Ltd is currently crowd-funding to get the the product to market.