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22nd Jun 2019

Running for an hour could add seven hours to your lifespan

Another reason to get up and get out there.

Anna O'Rourke

Feeling lethargic? Us too.

In time-honoured tradition, weekends are for vegging out and doing as little as possible.

But in the haze of your food coma, it might be worth thinking about going for a run.

Yes, we sound like your Mam, but hear us out.

Research from the US suggests that running could be the best way to help improve your lifespan.

Just an hour of running could add seven years to your life, according to a new study.

Scientists studying data from medical and fitness tests at the Cooper Institute in Iowa found that as little as five minutes of running could help people live longer.

More recent research further backed up these findings, according to the New York Times.

The new study claims that running is associated with “markedly reduced risks of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease.”

The researchers estimated that if someone were to run for an hour twice a week, they would spend just under six months running over a 40 year period, but could expect a net gain of 2.8 years in their life expectancy.

This would mean an hour of running could give you an extra seven years on to your life, they concluded.

So there you go – yet another reason to sweat out all of the booze and sugar after a few days of indulgence!