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05th Feb 2018

A new ‘leak-free’ tampon promises to change periods for the better

Game changer!

Denise Curtin

sanitary products

Introducing the Tampliner.

Femcare brand Callaly is hoping to change periods for the better and provide you with more confidence and support during that time of the month with a leak-free tampon.

In the first big change to the tampon since 1936. Yes, really – the company has combined a soft mini-liner with a tampon to provide you with long lasting protection from leaks and stains.

The product comes with a virtual applicator which neatly and easily helps you to insert and remove the product.

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This product hopes to revolutionise the way in which we deal with our periods and Ewa Radizwon, product lead at Callaly said:

“It’s hard to believe that the fem care market is so unregulated when it comes to a product that it is put in or close to vaginas, the most delicate and sensitive part of a woman’s body. ”

“I’m proud to lead the development of a product that truly puts women’s health first; Tampliners won’t leave fibres inside your body and don’t contain any dioxins, perfumes or dyes. Even though there are no laws that require tampons to be sterilised, all Tampliners are always sterilised and manufactured in clean rooms designed for medical devices.”

The product needs to be changed as often as a normal tampon however with the visible pad that tucks between the labia, the developers hope the visibility will stop people forgetting about their tampon and thus reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

The product will not be available in stores as of yet – but once it lands, you will be able to sign up to the monthly subscription service here.