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28th Nov 2019

The morning after pill is now available in the United Kingdom for just £3

contraceptive pills

They can be purchased online.

The morning after pill is now available to purchase in the UK for £3.

Available online from Dr Fox’s Pharmacy for just the cost of a cup of coffee, it shows a change in the market of emergency contraceptive.

Typically, these pills cost anywhere from £15 to £35 in the UK, so having them readily available for such a low price is pretty groundbreaking.

Plus the fact that you can purchase the pill online means that a woman doesn’t have to go through what can be a rather long and humiliating chat with a pharmacist.

In order to get the pill, you must answer a number of questions online relating to the medication.

morning after pill

Examples of the questions asked are:

“Are you aware that women who are already taking a regular contraceptive pill who have missed pills do not always need a morning-after-pill?” and “Are you aware that ‘morning after pills’ are not 100% effective?”

Once the form is filled out, you simply go through the usual online ordering process.

Following the launch of the Dr Fox’s Pharmacy service,

And following the launch of the £3 pill this week, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has spoken out against other pharmacies for “throwing financial obstacles in the way”.

Clare Murphy, Director of External Affairs at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said:

“The sale of the morning after pill for £3 illustrates just how cheap this medication is, but women are still having to pay vastly over the odds for this pill at their time of need.”

Hopefully Irish pharmacies will follow in the footsteps of Dr Fox’s.