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20th Mar 2022

Lynsey Bennett weighs up cancer treatment options

Lynsey said that the surgery option would be “life altering” and would involve removing some of her organs.

Lynsey Bennett has told her followers that she is facing a difficult decision after being presented with two different treatment options.

On Instagram, Bennett, who was one of the many women impacted by the CervicalCheck Scandal, said that she may undergo surgery, or she might opt for a form of radiation treatment.

Detailing the surgery option, Lynsey wrote: “This would be a HUGE operation and life altering, and also taking a lot of parts of me which are good and in full health.”

She also noted how she already had her uterus removed during a previous hysterectomy, and shared her complicated feelings about that.

She then brought up the other treatment option, which involves pinpoint radiation on her lymph nodes, and said that she wanted to try this route in the past, but was told that the hospital’s specialist couldn’t carry it out.

Lynsey wrote: “Out of the two options it would be the one I would be more wiling to try and then be able to go get a boost in the clinic abroad to build up after it, then radiation only worked for 18months.”

Elsewhere in the post, Lynsey shared her appreciation for the oncology team at the Beacon Hospital in Dublin.

She wrote: “I absolutely love my oncologist in the Beacon and her secretary and team. I am so grateful for their help and trying to work out the way they feel they can help me even if it’s one I reject.”

Yesterday, Lynsey shared that she’s been spending the long weekend relaxing and having self-care days, which involved a trip to the Salt Cave Paradise in Balbriggan, walks along the beach with her family, a bowling night in Coolack and an IKEA visit.