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10th Feb 2022

Lynsey Bennett shares sweet message to children as she leaves for Germany

She told her children she is “so proud” of them.

Lynsey Bennett has shared a sweet message to her two daughters as she leaves for Germany.

Bennett, who is one of the many women who were impacted by the CervicalCheck Scandal in Ireland has been sharing updates on her health on social media since her diagnosis.

She has now left Ireland for Germany to undergo treatment there.

In a recent post on social media, Lynsey left a message to say that she is “so proud” of her children.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “I make endless mistakes as your mammy, on bad days am moody and there are many days my patience ruins thin and you drive me up the walls especially when you aren’t getting your little jobs done or listening to me…”

She continued: “But… I am so proud of you (…) the way you adapt to the life path we have been given, that you understand Mammy has to explore these things to try keep well to be here with you.”

Lynsey then added: “Here’s to finding somewhere closer to home so time apart doesn’t have to happen as often.”

She then signed off with “All my love, Mammy.”

Just a few weeks ago, Lynsey told her Instagram followers that a tumour in her bowel has “grown again”, which made her concerned that she wouldn’t be able to travel to Germany.

In the past, Lynsey has spoken about how her daughters have reacted to her experience with cancer.

She shared on Instagram that her eight-year-old grew very upset thinking about her mum’s health.

She said: “All I felt I could say was none of us know when it’s our time to go to heaven, and that I can’t promise I’ll be here forever but that people thought that Mammy wouldn’t be here now, and that it’s amazing. So all I can promise you is that l’ll keep trying my best to try different things like Mexico and hopefully now Germany which she seemed happy [about].”