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04th Mar 2022

Lynsey Bennett set to come home early from Germany

Sarah McKenna Barry

After gaining some weight, things are looking good for Lynsey’s return to Ireland.

Lynsey Bennett has told her followers that she is coming home early from Germany to spend some quality time with her family, before going back over in April.

Bennett, who is just one of the women who was impacted by the CervcialCheck Scandal, had been undergoing treatment in Germany over the past few months.

In a post on Instagram, she explained that she is looking forward to being home, as she misses her children “so much”.

Sharing a photo from her bed, she wrote: “Read all about it (…) I’m coming home.

“I was meant to be staying another week in Germany but I am so happy with how things are going (…) even managed to put on 2.3kg.

“Which after 3 months of severely dropping weight and not being able to get it to stabilise is just amazing.”

Lynsey went on to say that she is missing her children, and that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is making her feel particularly worried.

She wrote: “I am missing the kiddies so much and even more when I see all that is happening in the world which also terrifies me.”

She added that is she has to “leave in a hurry”, it would take her two days to get out, rather than just two hours on a plane.

Lynsey then explained that she is interested in seeing how she does at home, and noted that she will have to create a “new routine”.

She finished up her post by saying that she’ll try to spend four weeks at home, before flying back to Germany for a week or two around Easter. Lynsey explained that she has “a lot of important things happening in May and June” that she doesn’t want to miss, so she’s trying not to leave too big of a gap between her trips to Germany.