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23rd Sep 2019

Step up ladies! Join our MyLife Step Squad Challenge for a chance to win €500

Anna Daly

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Hey, we’re walkin’ here.

We know that staying fit and healthy can be difficult. Let’s face it – it’s hard to keep up with all of our good intentions when we’ve got a busy life.

A lot of us use mobile apps to help us keep track of things but we end up using one app for fitness, one for food, one for mental wellbeing, and one for productivity and, before we know it, everything is feeling pretty cluttered again.

Until now.

Irish Life’s new MyLife app is the first app that gives you a single Health Score based on your body, mind, and lifestyle. It aims to help you improve your wellness overall.

We’re not going to lie – it sounds pretty great. So we decided to test it out. And what better way to test it than with a good old competition. So we challenged the team over on JOE to a Step Squad Challenge and we 100 per cent plan to win (obviously). Except we need your help.

We need you to take part in the challenge with us. All you have to do is download the app on either your Apple or Android device (it’s completely free) and sign up to the challenge. Then choose to join either the JOE or the Her team (we know you’ll make the right choice) and walk, walk, walk. Because at the end of two weeks, the team that has the highest average step count will be crowned the winner.

You can track your steps with a fitness wearable (e.g. a Fitbit) or fitness app (e.g. Google Fit for Android or Apple Health for iPhone) connected to the MyLife app.

It’s not just glory that you’ll be playing for (although the glory will be so sweet). If you are on the winning team and have clocked in at least 140,000 steps (an average of 10,000 steps a day) you will be entered into a draw to win one of four Fitbit Charge 3 prizes. If you have the highest step count of everyone on your chosen team, you’ll win €500! That way you’ll be able to properly treat yourself after all that walking.

The challenge starts on Wednesday, October 2, and goes on until Tuesday, October 15. You’ll be able to track your performance throughout the challenge by checking the MyLife leaderboard, so you’ll know just how well you’re doing.

So please help us. With you walking alongside us, we know we can win. The JOE team won’t know what hit them.

Go, team!

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Full T&Cs apply. MyLife by Irish Life Financial Services is available to download from the Apple and Android app stores.