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04th Oct 2022

IBTS issues “pre-amber” warning amid “critically low” blood supplies

The shortages may force hospitals to consider delaying or postponing surgeries.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service has issued an appeal for the public to donate blood as their supplies have reached concerning levels.

The service released a pre-amber warning to hospitals, while its operations director Paul McKinney spoke on Morning Ireland about the situation.

He said: “Unfortunately we find ourselves this morning where we have less than two days stock of O-negative, less than two days for B-negative and just three days stock for A-negative.

“It’s a very challenging position. We’re asking regular donors, please if they receive a text from us to make an appointment to donate if you would also like to make an appointment if you’re O-negative, please ring our number – 1800 731137. Make sure you do our eligibility quiz which is on our website”

He added that the situation is “quite serious”.

Mr McKinney also addressed the pre-amber warning issued to hospitals.

“We have issued a letter and we’re in full communication with the hospitals, obviously observing the national blood shortage plan. We have issued a pre-amber letter to the hospitals and we’re hoping to build up our stocks in those groups.”

The lack of supplies may result in hospitals being forced to consider their options regarding the postponement of certain procedures.

Mr McKinney appealed particularly to regular donors, as first-time donors take a longer time to be registered.

You can find out more about blood donation and check your eligibility on the service’s official website right here .