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22nd Jan 2015

How Do We Size Up? The Most Obese Countries In The World In One Infographic

The obesity scale weighs in... Ireland, we've been overindulging!


The obesity scale weighs in and these statistics are tough to swallow… 

Obesity levels are increasing globally and this infographic created by Clinic Compare shows clearly just how big of a problem obesity really is.

Using data collected by the CIA’s World Factbook the facts are laid out for us in black and white a colourful chart.

Ireland, we’ve been overindulging.

Yes, the good ol’ Emerald Isle is sadly more of an orange suggesting that 25% of the population (one-in-four people) are over weight.

The study shows that 700 million people across the world are obese, with the highest levels of obesity located in the Pacific Islands (American Samoa – 74.6%, Nauru – 71.1% and The Cook Islands – 63.4%).

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