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07th Sep 2017

Five ways to regain BALANCE in your life for a better you

Brought to you by new Avonmore Balance – helps put back in what life takes out.

Are you hooked on being busy?

The tempo of modern life is increasing rapidly: traditional 9-5 jobs don’t exist, we’re plugged in 24/7, and if we’re being honest – we’re drowning in it. Being busy is zapping our zen and driving our stress levels through the roof but we keep going; that late night in work, those birthday cocktails, that favour for a friend… the list is endless.

Being busy has become like a status symbol and more people are perceiving it as a sign of success and a flourishing career, but at what cost? In reality, a lot of us are struggling to juggle work and home commitments with no balance. So how do we switch off?

1. Exercise

Stress and anxiety can happen to anyone, even celebrities. Actress Lena Dunham is candid in her battle with anxiety and cites exercise as her natural go-to medication to promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. Although it took her 16 years to take on board this simple advice that we’re all too familiar with, she hasn’t looked back. Simple exercise such as stretching is a great way to destress your body and focus on yourself. Take 30 minutes out of your day, pound the streets or take up an exercise class.

2. Sleep

Are you tired, moody, and less able to respond to people in what’s considered an acceptable manner? Prioiritise sleep, end of. A lack of sleep can increase the stress hormone cortisol which can influence your mood, your decisions and food choices for the day. Try to get at least seven hours sleep a night. You’ve heard it before but sleep plays a vital role in wellbeing so try to get some decent shut eye tonight.

3. Unplug

Our lives have become one endless and long to-do list; work, commuting, family, friends and romance. It’s no wonder we’re feeling more anxious these days. When the workload piles up it’s important to take regular breaks so our brains can switch off. Go for lunch or a walk in the park when you’re feeling stressed out or treat yourself to a massage once a month. Just like computers, our bodies need to reboot too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work today, why not unplug and go to the park for 20 minutes?

4. Yoga

Calm your mind, take up a yoga class and watch your happy hormones flow. Thanks to the age-old practice, we can practise mindfulness and introduce calmness and balance in our busy lives with only 30 minutes a week. Add this to your weekly to-do list and your body will thank you for it.

5. Nutrition

But don’t forget it’s all about balance, so it’s ok to treat yourself every now again too – you’ve probably earned it with all the running around you’re doing. Take time out of your day to plan your meals to include the vitamins, minerals and goodness you need to keep ticking. Not only will you feel better but your skin will reap the rewards. Goodbye wrinkles, hello eternal youthfullness!

Ready to give anxiety the boot?

Commit to trying these tips for ten days and you’ll feel like a better you and more able to handle the day ahead. Being too busy is reducing your flow so slow down.

Life can be challenging. We know we need to nourish the body and mind with a healthy balanced diet, combined with exercise in order to stay fit, strong and healthy… but that’s not always easy. Avonmore Balance is a low fat milk fortified with extra protein, iron and vitamins to help your body stay in balance. Discover The Power of Balance – helps put back in what life takes out.