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14th Feb 2021

5 discreet vibrators that will look right at home in your make up bag

Melissa Carton

No one will know.

I think when it comes to sex toys, especially vibrators, there’s a lot of misconceptions about them always being big and bulky and being a certain (ahem) shape.

Out of the women that I know that own vibrators very few actually own big ones, usually opting for ones that are small, discreet and for lack of better words ‘ just get the job done’.

If you’re on the lookout for a vibrator and aren’t sure where to start here are five body-safe vibrators that look like they should be in a cosmetics case.

Tenga Iroha Mini Beginners Vibrator – €27.00

Is it a vibrator? Is it a beauty blender?

It’s a vibrator but it is as small and unassuming as a beauty blender.

The Tenga Iroha Mini was actually the first vibrator that I ever bought and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beginners vibe.

Rianne S. Classique €32.00

The Rianne S. Classique not only looks like it could be a make up product but it actually comes with its own make up bag.

You can buy the Rianne in three different styles each with a different style of make up bag whether you want edgy, glam or cute.

Tenga Iroha Stick Mini Vibrator €27.00

This one is pretty self explanatory in regards to making this list.

It straight up looks like a tube of lipstick, lid and all!

Rianne S. Mini Heart Rechargeable Vibrator €40.00

Not sure if these ones look more like a make up compact or a mini Bluetooth speaker but either way they’re discreet and not what anyone is expecting a vibrator to look like.

The Mini Heart is also USB rechargeable and has a whisper quiet motor.

Satisfyer Lovely Honey Rechargeable Mini Vibrator €45.00

I know one of the previous vibes is shaped to look like a lipstick but this is the one I have actually mistaken for lipstick in my drawer before.

The gold cap comes one and off to help keep the actual vibrator part clean so it’s perfect for travel (you know when you can do that again).

All of these vibrators are available to buy from body-safe sex shop Sex Siopa.